#MACE16: Reflective Essay

“A person’s success can be measured by the amount of uncomfortable conversations they’ve had.” - Tim Ferriss The Design Thinking for Startups Module have been very educative, challenging and interactive. But one unique lesson that I will never forget is to always put focus on the people, not the product. The module have taught me … Continue reading #MACE16: Reflective Essay

#MACE16: January 2017 Trade Fair – [Photos]

It was thrilling being part of 1st Trade fair in 2017 which took place at Kingston Business School London. This was a great chance which we displayed and get on the spot answers right away about our prototype product. It was also an opportunity to engage with potential customers. The Trade Fair also provided us opportunity to give consumers a … Continue reading #MACE16: January 2017 Trade Fair – [Photos]

#MACE16: 1st Dragons’ Den Presentation

Pitching our business idea to a panel of professional judges was nerve-racking. This might be due to the fact our product was still at the prototype stage. Nevertheless, the presentation was also an opportunity to test our business idea and gather as much feedback as possible. Furthermore, our prototype product (chopstick trainer) accurately demonstrates the … Continue reading #MACE16: 1st Dragons’ Den Presentation

#MACE16 : The Art of Good Value Proposition Design

A truly god value proposition should paint a picture of your brand for prospects. It's must describe the benefits customers can expect from your products and services. It literally tells your audience: How your product or service solves/improves problems What benefits customers can expect Why customers should buy from you over your competitors It should introduce you to prospective buyers … Continue reading #MACE16 : The Art of Good Value Proposition Design

#MACE16: 5 Key Steps of Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking? Design thinking means working differently, it also a set of processes for solving problems, discovering opportunities, and generating innovative, human-centered solutions. At its heart, design thinking is about adopting a human-centered perspective and an attitude of continual experimentation. Five Key Steps of Design Thinking Step 1 - Empathy Any social endeavour begins with … Continue reading #MACE16: 5 Key Steps of Design Thinking

#MACE16 : Rapid Prototyping Experience @ FABLAB London

How rapid is rapid prototyping? This question evokes different timelines in peoples’ minds. After attending FABLAB London prototype workshop I came out with a different perspective and a deep understanding of the role this process plays in initial  product development. In the early phase of any product idea, the primary purpose of rapid prototype is learning – which assumptions make sense, … Continue reading #MACE16 : Rapid Prototyping Experience @ FABLAB London

#MACE16 : Important of Lean Canvas for Start-ups Business

Lean Canvas and Business Model is a process of creating more value for customers with fewer resources. A lean organisation have a good understand of customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste. … Continue reading #MACE16 : Important of Lean Canvas for Start-ups Business

#MACE16: 3 Ways Design Thinking Aid Innovation in Business

    Most organisations looking to grow often find themselves caught between conventional and newer approaches to innovation. While traditional strategy calls for rigorous analysis and critical thinking, design thinking espouses ‘thinking by doing’. As discussed in class, design thinking is a holistic approach to business that, unlike the rigid structure of business, utilises both … Continue reading #MACE16: 3 Ways Design Thinking Aid Innovation in Business

#MACE16: How Designers Think: What Does Curiosity Feel Like?

This week's lecture topic was revealing because it gave a look into identifying a new paradigm on how to quickly illustrate creative ideas and the tools needed to implement such ideas.  One of the many objectives of a creative thinking process is to think beyond existing boundaries, to awaken curiosity, to break away from rational, … Continue reading #MACE16: How Designers Think: What Does Curiosity Feel Like?

#MACE16: A Module Like No Other

Hi everyone, welcome to my first blog post on Design Thinking for Startups module at Kingston Business School! My name is George Uka  and am currently studying Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship MSc at the above-mentioned institution. My professional work experience spans years in all facets of enterprise resources planning with extensive knowledge in SAP eRP … Continue reading #MACE16: A Module Like No Other