#MACE16: From Design Thinking Class To Workshop Induction


I was part of a group of #Mace16 student that attended a 3D workshop induction class at the Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture Kingston University London on the 25th of October 2016.  This is a well-equipped modern workshop facility with everything you’ll need to build a product prototype. The support staff took us through the workshop facilities and equipment’s. 


We were introduced to both traditional and latest contemporary design tools at the workshop. We were also instructed to maintain high standards in safety practice since a workshop must always be regarded as a place of relatively high risk. The workshop houses fixed machinery and portable power tools that can maim or kill in moments of negligence, the greatest care must be taken at all times.


 The workshop induction learning experience focuses on practical techniques for designing a new product that combines aesthetic and functional requirements.


Published by George Uka

George Uka is a leading senior consultant in SAP® eRP Materials Management (MM) software configuration, and implementation. Shortly before leaving the shores of Nigeria, he led the successful installation & implementation of a multi-million dollarl LAN networking and Fourth-Shift/SAP eRP-software project for National Fertilizer Company of Nigeria (NAFCON) Onne, Rivers State. He has years of consulting experience working with world-class brands including Accenture, BP, Cadbury, and Barclays. He has also volutered for the development charity ActionAid UK, where he campaigned for structural changes to alleviate poverty and hunger around the world, most especially in Africa.

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